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New PGR Atonic

New PGR Atonic

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Embellished with trained professionals and our well known vendors, we are engaged in bringing forth remarkable New PGR Atonic. This is a mixture of sodium ortho nitrophenolate, Sodium p nitrophenolate and sodium 5 Nitroguaiacolate.

  • New PGR Atonic is an effective plant growth promoter for all crops.
  • It can be used alone, and also be mixed with germicide, fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, plant growth regulators etc.
  • Hence, extensively used for food crop, cash crop, vegetables, fruits, oil crops and flowers.

Key features are as follows:

  • It can infiltrate rapidly into plant body
  • Sodium nitrophenolate is a strong cell agent
  • Promotes the flow of cellular protoplasm and increase cell activity
  • It can accelerate growth speed, break dormancy, promote the growth and development, improve product quality and yield
  • Increases the ability of resist-disease, resist-pests, resist-dry, resist drought and resist-alkali, resist-lodging.


  • 1kg pouches